Will GROM VLine fit to my stereo?

Please check our compatibility guide for your car make, model and year fitment and limitations.

Does VLine replace Lexus Touchscreen or NAV screen?

No, VLine integrates directly with your existing Lexus Navigation or Touchscreen.

When VLine is installed, will I loose any of OEM functions - such as CD changer, steering wheel, backup camera?

No, you will be able to preserve all original functions. Your stereing wheels and car stereo controls, as well as backup camera will keep working. CD changer might have to be disconnected, please refer to particular VLine model for clarification.

When I will play the music via VLine, will all speakers in my car stereo system work?

Yes, VLine is fully integrated into your car stereo system, so all speakers will work. You will get high quality digital sound.


Will I need to connect the phone to VLine in order to use it?

You do not have to connect your phone to VLine in order to use it. VLine is stand alone unit and does not require phone connection. You will only need to connect your phone to VLine if you want to use Bluetooth music streaming. You might also use your phone as mobile hot spot to provide Internet connectivity to VLine. 

I am an Apple iPhone user, can I still use VLine?

Yes VLine is stand alone unit, and can be used without any phone. You can still connect iPhone to VLine for Bluetooth music streaming.

Will my steering wheel controls work with VLine?

Yes you will be able to use your vehicle touch screen, car stereo and steering wheel controls to operate VLine.

I want to listen to my FM or AM radio while using VLine for maps, is it possible?

VLine WebRadio plugin has the access to many local radio stations, including AM or FM. So you have the access to AM and FM radio at the same time, as to Waze or Google maps.

Micro SD Card slot - how can I use it?

You can insert micro SD card to increase storage space for Vline (up to 128GB supported). The Micro SD should be formatted FAT32. File System format exFAT and NTFS are NOT supported.
****When inserting the Micro SD card into the VLINE Micro SD slot please make sure that the card side with the pins is facing upwards. 

How can I adjust balance/fader?

LEX4VL1, LEX5VL1 Press SCAN button 3 times while in VLine mode to enter Audio Settings screen, press SCAN 3 times to switch back to VLine once you finished
LEX6VL1 Press DISPLAY button 3 times while in VLine mode to enter Audio Settings screen, press AUX and then USB to switch back to VLine

Internet Connectivity

How do I provide internet connection for VLine?

There are few options available:
1. Tether internet connectivity via your phone. Check your phone manual for this option.
2. Get LTE mobile hot spot and add internet plan to your phone data plan. Check your mobile carrier for that. TMobile is one of the carriers that offers stand alone data plans.

Do I need internet connectivity in order to use VLine?

Yes in order to utilize VLine to its fullest potential we recommend getting internet connectivity. You still have the options for Bluetooth music streaming, music playback from your USB flash drive, and offline maps.


What maps program do you recommend using with VLine?

Google Maps will provide you with turn-by-turn directions and real time traffic.
Waze is the other map program that we recommend to use with VLine.

Can I download any offline maps to use on VLine?

Yes you can download any offline maps to Micro SD card and connect it to VLine Micro SD port.


What music plugins does VLine offer?

With VLine you have the access to the following integrated music plugins as part of VLine user interface:
- Web Radio
- Spotify
- Google Music
- Local music (for music that is stored on USB flash drive and connected to VLine

Will I be able to see music titles, cover art and other information on car stereo screen?

Yes, you will be able to see music titles, artists, albums, cover art right from your car stereo screen. You will also have the access to playlists, and advanced browsing by Album, Artist, Genres. You will be able to add music to your favorites for easier access later on.

Can I use voice search to find the music?

Yes the voice search is enabled across all music plugins within VLine. For example you can press on "mic" icon within Spotify and it will ask you what are you looking for. You can say the name of artist, album or song, and it will show you available selections.

Can I use any other music apps with VLine, such as Pandora or YouTube?

Yes you can install and use any other music apps available on Google Play. Pandora, YouTube, Amazon Prime Music, SoundCloud and may other apps will work with VLine. Note that since they are not VLine plugins, the user interface will be the same as it is provided by the original app designers.

If I use Pandora or other music app that is not part of VLine plugin, will steering wheel controls work?

Yes steering wheel controls will work even if the app that you are using is not VLine plugin. You can also control the music playback using vehicles touchscreen.


What are the other apps available with VLine?

With VLine you have the access to many other mobile apps available at Google Play store.


Can I pair my phone for wireless music streaming?

Yes you can pair your phone to VLine for wireless music streaming.

Will I see the song titles when I pair my phone to VLine for wireless music streaming?

Yes you will see track information, and sometimes cover art when you pair your phone to VLine for wireless music streaming.

Will I be able to use VLine for hands free Bluetooth phone calls?

No you will use your car hands free system for hands free phone calls. Hands free phone calls via VLine are not available yet.

How can I connect my phone to VLine for wireless music streaming, and to my cars hands free for phone calls?

iPhone users:

1. Forget this device for both the car and the GROM VLine if previously paired.
2. Then connect to the car factory Bluetooth hands free function.
3. And then connect to the GROM unit for Music streaming.
iPhones do not have the ability to manually select what function of a device you want to pair to it will automatically pair to all Bluetooth functions that are available on a device, for this reason you will need to pair to the vehicles Bluetooth first then the iPhone will only pair to a GROM units music streaming (A2DP) function as it knows that the hands free(HFP) function is already being utilized by another device.

Android users:

For Android phone all you need to do is to go to the Bluetooth setting, and choose "Media Audio" only for GROM-CAR connection, and "Phone Audio" for your factory connection.

Firmware update

What kind of firmware updates are available for VLine?

Two types of firmware update are available for VLine:

1. Base System Update that is performed via your computer and USB stick / Flash Drive.

This update provides you with startup improvements, reverse camera improvements, audio thump upon startup fixes.

Please make sure to download the correct firmware for your model of VLine, rename file to gromvl1.hex, and carefully follow to the other firmware update instructions, posted on the above mentioned webpage.

2. OTA (Over The Air) System Update

This update will appear on your VLine once it is connected to the internet. The OTA firmware update procedure is available in your manual:

How to do the Over-The-Air update for VLine?

If available, the OTA (Over The Air) update will appear on your VLine once it is connected to the internet.
To check if there is an update available, go to "Settings->About Device"
Select "VLine System Updates"
Then select "Check for Updates"
If there is update available it will appear on screen for downloading.
Wait for update to download and apply. VLine will restart during the process (it might take up to ten minutes).
If System does not boot up within 15 minutes, please turn off the ignition and wait for one minute, then turn ignition on again.