USB3 + USB2P kit manual

GROM-USB3, GROM-USB2P MP3 car kit (USB/IPOD/ANDROID car adapter, Bluetooth and AUX-In capable)

GROM-USB3 MP3 car kit usage manual
Simple usage manual for GROM USB MP3 car adapters

GROM USB Drive Setup
How to Setup a USB Drive for the GROM USB2 MP3 kit. This manual is a step by step guide for setting up your USB storage device in order to use it with GROM USB adapter.

Switching between USB, iPod and AUX modes (applies to USB2P kit only)
You will learn how to switch between three different modes: USB, iPod and AUX on your GROM-USB2P MP3 car kit. This short guide will allow you to avoid common mistakes.

How to enable USB streaming on GROM-USB2P and GROM-AND2 Car Kits
You can stream the music without AALinQ app through USB cable from your Android phone. You can play any app through USB connection on GROM-USB2P, and GROM-AND2 kits. To enable USB streaming you will need to apply the configuration file. Read the document to understand what to do. Note that on GROM-USB3 the USB streaming is available without the config file. Simply exit AALinQ and open the other application.