Toyota / Lexus / Scion 01-14

GROM MP3 firmware for select Toyota Lexus Scion - reference guide

This document helps you to determine if GROM MP3 firmware for Toyota, Lexus, Scion is applicable to your stereo. The MP3 firmware is available for select Toyota, Lexus and Scion navigation stereos. Advanced folder browsing is available with this firmware. GROM MP3 firmware for Toyota will work for GROM-USB3 kit only.

Toyota stereo models that start with AD - jumper installation 

Some Toyota/Lexus stereo require special AD firmware on GROM to initialize with the stereo. Look closely at your stereo next to TOYOTA written on front face. If model of stereo starts with AD then you will need to add Jumper in place. It is included in small bag with your TOY1 cable. This manual provides with more information on how to install the jumper, if your stereo model starts with AD.