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It's April 2017!

*California Residents*

California has a new law in 2017

You won't be able to use your phone IN YOUR HAND while driving

Not even re-centering Google Maps!

Ask us about mounting solutions!


A Hands free Bluetooth connection from your

Smartphone to your car stereo will take your mobile audio to the next level! 


*Listen to your own playlists*

*Stream Internet Radio apps such as Pandora, Spotify, or Rhapsody*

*No need to fumble for your phone when getting a call, just push a button and communicate*

*You can hear the conversation much louder through the car stereo than the phone

so it makes communication much easier*

*Will also play turn by turn directions through the speakers from navigation apps like Google Maps*



We've been selling Mobile Phone Integration Kits for Cars for 11 years.

The concept is so good, every major automotive manufacturer has them

either installed or as an option in newly built cars now.


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