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GROM Lexus USB Bluetooth Android iPod iPhone Car Adapter For 99-03 Lexus RX 300/330/350 (TOY-F Plug)

GROM Lexus USB Bluetooth Android iPod iPhone Car Adapter For 99-03 Lexus RX 300/330/350 (TOY-F Plug)
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This kit is for 1999-2003 Lexus RX 300/330/350 with CD changer port in glove box or armrest ONLY.

USB Connection: GROM-USB2P car stereo adapter connects your USB 2.0 device such as flash drive, external hard drive or mass storage device to the stock stereo in your car. With GROM-USB2P you can listen to your digital music library and control the playback through your car stereo controls.
Please note that the USB port does NOT support iPod. You will need special iPod cable (order above) for direct ipod connectivity (track/playlist control).
NEW: USB2P units are improved and enchanced models with more great features added such as: FLAC support (with tags), AAC/MP4 support (with tags), WAV support, Streaming online music for Android AALinQ (require AALinQ 1.0+) and many more to come.
Bluetooth: Use your phone in the car hands free (HFP), stream your MP3 music from your phone to the factory stereo via Bluetooth Audio playback (A2DP), control your MP3 music with the car stereo or steering wheel controls via Bluetooth wireless audio control (AVRCP) with the GROM Bluetooth Dongle

Android in-car integration: Android Phone play, control and charge. If you have an Android Phone (including but not limited to Samsung Galaxy S or S II) you can integrate it to your car stereo. Play the music, control it via car stereo or steering wheel buttons, and charge while in car - all with the standard MicroUSB to USB cable. There are no extra cables required. You will plug the MicroUSB cable to the USB port of GROM USB unit directly.
Android integration requires AALinQ Android App, available FREE at Google Play Store
For more information go to AALinQ page

AUX Input: Aux connection (for any additional audio source such as DVD, MP3 player, XM and more) plus 5V charging via AUX-In 3.5mm and 5V USB charging cable

•Connect GROM-USB2P car kit to your car stereo via CD changer or extension port (see manual for details)
•Place GROM-USB2P module in the accessible location or route USB and other cables to the accessible location (glove box, arm rest, etc...)

Additional highlights:
•Your USB disk or Android phone becomes a virtual CD changer
•USB stick supports MP3 / WMA / iTunes (AAC) files
•Advance your music files via car stereo buttons (check Operation Manual)
•The Folders or Playlists are assigned to the car stereo DISC or Folder buttons
•You will get higher than CD quality (18 bits) sound directly to your car stereo
•Provides charge and control for the iPod/iPhone (cable sold separately - check above)
•For more information on folders, formats, operation and limits- read FAQ

Important notes

Before ordering please check our compatibility guide to make sure that your vehicle is compatible.
Currently not compatible with Toyota/Lexus 09 and up vehicles with tab/folder style navigation. Check the picture of non-compatible stereo here


Lexus RX 3xx 4xx 1999-2003 (non-Nakamichi stereo only)

iPod Compatibility

Note: to play and control iPod/iPhone you will need special cable ! It is not included by default !
4th Gen iPod and newer / Mini / Nano 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Gen and Nano-chromatic / iPod Video / iPod Photo / iPod Classic 1st and 2nd Gen / iPod Touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Gen / iPhone / iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4G

- Car stereo adapter in metal enclosure
- Vehicle specific harness
- USB Type A Male / Type A Female 6FT cable
- Operation manual

Optional accessories (purchase separately):
- GROM Bluetooth Dongle for hands free calling and wilreless playback
- iPod cable for iPod control and charge
- AUX 3.5mm cable and 5V USB charger for any MP3 player, mobile phone, XM, etc.

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